The Vondeltuin Towers, in Amsterdam, were designed by Dutch landscape architecture firm Carve as a response to and connection of Vondelpark’s existing playgrounds.

In the words of Landzine:

The design is based on the architecture of the adjacent pavilion ‘de Vondeltuin’ (built by Baanders, 1927, Indonesian colonial).

The footprint of the towers connects two circular existing playgrounds, which were built in the early ’60s by the world known Dutch architect Aldo van Eyck. An opening splits the volume two equal parts to keep a line of sight on the colonial buildings from Baanders. This gave the possibility to make two different playable interiors. One based on platforms where you can reach the lower slide. The other one with a challenging rope circuit leading to a transparent bridge 7 meters high, connecting the big slide.

To see Landzine’s full profile of this project, click here.

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